Hyperion Demolition offers demolition services that span everything from complex commercial projects to high rise buildings. For these jobs, Hyperion typically provides abatement, hazardous remediation, interior demolition, heavy equipment services, protective screens or scaffolding, and will recycle, load, haul, and dispose of all materials. With the ability to reach almost 200 feet and outfitted with the most advanced combinations of technology, our highly-skilled operators can safely accomplish these projects within time schedules no other competitor can match.


Need an interior gutted? Interior demolition projects can be completed by hand, machine, or a combination of both, depending on the specifications of the individual assignment. Additionally, we have a large saw cutting division for any concrete cutting or core drilling needs, as well as a concrete x raying division for a safer way to perform the work. Find out more about our concrete services by visiting the pages listed under HD CORE.



Hyperion can clear any site of trees, asphalt, or walkways in preparation of any future improvements and build outs. Due to the nature of construction and demolition work, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to reduce our environmental impact. In fact, it is our mission to be a leader in the recycling and removal of demolished materials.



Whether it relates to sewer/tank removal or water lines and transit pipes, Hyperion has the specialized equipment and technology to safely and efficiently complete these jobs. Underground capping and utilities demo includes: saw cutting, loading, hauling and disposal.



Industrial demolition jobs are some of the most complex in the industry, typically in environments that require the utmost precision. A great deal of attention is devoted to the engineered pre-planning phase of every industrial demolition project. Special consideration is placed on environmental issues, public safety and health risks, employee safety, and recycling processes. 


At Hyperion we provide industrial demolition services of all types ranging from equipment removal to large facility and plant demolition. When our specialized contractors take on your project, we’ll manage it for you from end to end until you’re back to nothing but flat ground. This includes crushing concrete and processing steel for recycling as well as removing hazardous materials and restoring contaminated sites. Some facilities require selective or hand demolition of equipment and/or structure prior to heavy equipment demolition.



Hyperion brings the same professionalism and expertise to single family homes and apartment buildings that it brings to commercial projects and high rises. For our residential and interior demolition projects we handle everything from the demolition permits, asbestos inspection, utility disconnections and complete clean-up and grading of the lot.


We have the correct equipment to demolish any residential structure safely and will take great care in the completion of these jobs in a professional and efficient manner, total demolition or selective. If needed, we will also manage septic tank pumping and removal and deal with well abandonment issues.