FERMA has adopted a companywide directive to aggressively identify and develop methods and procedures to be an environmentally conscious company.  FERMA has been unsurpassed in consistently being able to provide an average of 98% recycling and reusing of materials. Amid the high costs of disposal fees, fewer landfill sites, and growing concern for the shortage of raw materials, FERMA’s commitment has provided methods that benefit both the customer and the environment.


FERMA utilizes company owned mobile wood chippers, concrete crushers, and grinders, which can be set up onsite to crush construction wood and trees, concrete, asphalt, and masonry into products that can be reused by the customer for applications such as parking lot base material, building sub grade, or product that can be sold in lieu of paying disposal fees.  FERMA can also provide onsite metal sorting of ferrous from nonferrous metals and can market the processed material to a wide variety of buyers.